Hey girlie! You could be reading this as a single mum, a single individual or an individual in a relationship just needing a little reminder about self love and your worth. Here’s my tips for this valentines day on how to make yourself happy and love yourself!


Nothing says relaxation like a candlelit bubblebath so forget hoping your partner will think to do you one and forget pining over not being at a romantic dinner. Romance yourself! Once the babies are in bed forget the jobs that need doing, forget the TV, give yourself some you-time. Glass of wine or cup of tea, what ever screams ultimate relaxation to you! Treat yourself. Treat yourself to your own time out. Treat yourself to clearing your mind. Treat yourself to self care.

2. Read a good book. Educate yourself on relationships.

This one goes quite nicely with the candlelit bubblebath. During times I’ve been single I’ve sought solace in reading books on sexuality and relationships. I feel like it gives me more understanding of relationships, dating and helps me reevaluate what I’m looking for (one day) in a partner aswel as learning how to be alone. Here’s my Top 3:

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
I really enjoyed this read which highlights the difference between dating now and way back from options, availability, expectations and availability with actual studies and statistics.
Animal by Sara Pascoe
Laughed out loud reading this many, many times. Sara has a great sense of humour discussing everything sex, relationships and upbringing. She goes as far as to compare us to animals and fascinating tiny villagers in the world!
I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love by David R. Hamilton
The title says it all. This is a fabulous book written by a Scientist who realised his own lack of self love.


Get out the note pad and pen and think to yourself “what will make me happy?”. It’s a year until the next Valentines Day, what do you want to achieve in that time. How can you love yourself enough to make yourself as happy as possible? Do you want to book a cleaner once a month to give yourself a break? Do you want to do a girls trip? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to do a cleanse or a detox? One of my resolutions this valentines day is to attend a Get Lit retreat before 14th Feb 2020!


First things first check your finances and your time schedule. Have a look at what you can juggle to leave you a budget to work with that isn’t going to leave you without bills paid or food in your cupboards girls! Once you’ve got your budget, set a day and MAKE A PLAN. This does not have to be a trip to Vegas. This could be a nice dinner with a friend or a trip to the zoo, a day out, a tourist day around London (even if your a local resident!). Or maybe you’ve got the funds to stretch to a mini break to Amsterdam. If you’re a baller go all out for an all-inclusive 14 day vacay! Treat yourself, you deserve to enjoy life and before you can love anyone else you need to love YOU. Set the standards girl.

5. Social media cleanse

Social media is a fabulous way to network from networking on LinkedIn, to keeping up with distant family on Facebook to dating apps and everything in between. However sometimes our battery life mirrors our brain space. Sometimes we put more into our screens than we get out of them. Sometimes our eyes need a break and sometimes our self-esteem needs a break from all the perfect models and life style bloggers on Instagram putting us to shame. Whilst there are debates on both sides of the fence for digital detoxing and reducing screen time sometimes loving ourself requires putting the phone down and having some time in our own my with our own thoughts. Try and give yourself at least one hour today minimum to just be chilling with yourself and see how it feels.

I hope with these ideas you enjoy valentines day in a different light that focuses on you and nobody else. You can’t pour from an empty cup, nor can you expect someone to love you before you have learnt how to love yourself.

IG: @thenursemum
FB: Kaytee Jones

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